During my entire journalism career, I had this reminder on a post-it note hanging at my desk:

It's about people and their stories.

For 25 years, I hosted New Hampshire Public Radio’s live, daily news and public affairs call-in show The Exchange. Over the years, I interviewed thousands of inspiring, wonderful people. At both the state and national level, the show was repeatedly cited for its intelligence, depth, and civility; and was often called New Hampshire's most widely recognized and respected radio program.  

But ready for a new adventure, in mid-2021 I shifted my focus to finishing my first novel, The Shopkeeper of Alsace, and am now in the process of finding an agent to represent me. In line with my book, I’ve launched a podcast titled ReadLocalNH. It's all about celebrating New Hampshire's authors, independent bookstores, and their loyal readers. Broaden your literary horizons by reading from your own backyard!

Speaking of backyards, mine is pretty amazing. I live in the beautiful northern New England city of Concord, New Hampshire. For me, the Granite State is a four-season playground: with mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean, and forests all closeby.  I love to hike, bike, and swim; that's why there are so many outdoors pictures on this website! (Photo Credit: Allegra Boverman)

I’m a huge francophile,

so I’m always reading two novels—one in English, one in French. (Right now, my French reading is a three-part historical fiction series about the roots of Quebecois rebellions by Louis Caron.)


I don’t like gardening,

so I do only the bare minimum because I do want those fresh tomatoes, lettuce and herbs.


I’m a part-time lifeguard and fitness instructor

at the Concord YMCA. Passing that lifeguard test as a 50-something was one of the hardest things I’ve done!


I love disco

and I make no apologies for it.


I grew up in a family of three daughters

then became the mom of two sons. Yes, that’s taken some figuring out!


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